Salzman Glass Arts

About David Salzman

Born in a small village in Oklahoma, David demanded to move to the great state of Texas at the age of 3.  Living in Texas the majority of his life, he went to high school in Dallas and found his way to Baylor University where he graduated in 1975 with a degree in church history. During the time he was working a monotonous unfullfilling job he discovered the excitement of working with stained glass. Taught the craft by an accomplished stained glass artist in Waco, his excitement soon turned to obsession.  Over the next few years while honing his skills he took classes in painting, etching, beveling and fusing glass.  In recent years he expanded his knowledge of glass by learning the technique of glass blowing while assisting Bob Rynearson at Ryno Glass. 

Working daily with glass, learning its limitations and stretching his imagination to accommodate the creative drive has been David's greatest teacher over the last 35 years.  Unlike most of the leaded glass available through local distributors,  Salzman Glass Arts individually custom designs, and fabricates each stained glass window commissioned.  Customer service and satisfaction are the ultimate goal!  (
Actually, true happiness and peace on Earth is the ultimate goal, but making my customers happy is a close second.)  

Besides spending energy honing his craft, David fills his time with friends and family.  He is a devoted husband to Jan Salzman and father/stepfather to Corinne, Ryan, Victor and Lucas.  Like many individuals his age, David finds his family growing as Catherine, Jaime, and Amanda have joined the ranks of loved children.  

Humans are great.  Dogs are better.  This is a truism for David.  In fact, his only co-workers are of the four legged persuasion.  Chai and Terra are his constant companions.  They make the daily commute with him and provide him with the entertainment necessary to make it to quitting time.

Jan and David ---------------------------Thanksgiving on the Guadelupe River
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